Who we are

Our pastor tells us his personal testimony that coincides with that of the foundation of our community.

My conversion to the gospel occurred at the age of eighteen, precisely in January 1966 with the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and in August of the same year I was baptized in water with my father in the Christian Evangelical Church of Caposele (Avellino).
Formerly my paternal grandmother took me to the services of the Evangelical Church of Oliveto Citra (Salerno) to keep her company.

At the age of 14 we moved to Clivio (Varese). Here my father met Pastor Laiso in Ticino, to whom he confided his anxieties about my  school education interrupted by our moving and, following the suggestion of the Pastor, I was sent to the Men's College of Torre Pellice (Turin) where I gladly attended both the Valdese Temple and the Sunday school.

In 1968 I got married and with my wife we helped that small community in Clivio: I was a preacher and teacher, my wife was a teacher and praise leader by singing and playing.
At that time we were visited by a man of God, Pasquale Albano, who encouraged us to open a door to testimony in Varese.
The Lord did not wait to manifest Himself: He provided a job for my wife and a hose to rent just in the middle of Varese.
That hose had a corridor four meters large and seven long and every Friday it became a room for service.

In 1973 we started having services in our house in Via Piave, with six believers.

In 1978 a warehouse was lent to us, the brothers renovated it and it became our church; so we moved to 16, Via Ruccellai where we met every Friday and Sunday and the Lord manifested his goodness here too: we did not have to pay any rent.

In January 1989 we constituted ourselves as an association before a notary and later we purchased a garage that was renovated to become a study and a kitchen. It was next to the warehouse that had become our church.

In 1992 we started having a vision in our hearts to have a place of our own property, but we only had three millions lira. By faith we purchased the premises in 45, Via Vivirolo which costed 280 millions lira plus the notary expenses.
This was possible by the good provision of the brothers of the time, 28 believers, and of brothers of other churches: by the Sunday offerings, the money donations, the monthly promises and the loans without interest, it was possible to start our adventure of faith.
We really faced this adventure with 28 believers? The Lord has been good!

Our adventure of faith went on with the repairs of the premises: a work of faith by the whole community from 1992 to 1995. During this period the sisters made shifts every Saturday to cheer the working brothers with their meals.

In May 1995 the church was opened with the presence of many brothers who, despite not belonging to our community, rejoiced with us, especially brother Achille Caprino And Luigi Aiello.

There have been difficulties both inside and outside, but the Lord has been good, so that in January 2002 all our economic commitments were payed off.

In 1998 I was appointed Ministro di Culto for the province of Varese by the Ministero degli Interni and in 2000 that nomination was confirmed by the Ministero di Grazia e Giustizia so that I could assist the detainees in the Lombardy region.

Our doctrine is that of the Pentecostal Churches that come from the ministry of brother Giuseppe Petrelli (USA), later carried on by our Italian-American brother Salvatore Garippa and Pasquale Albano.

Recently we have refused innovative doctrines such as:

  • The Prosperity Gospel
  • The falling in the Spirit
  • The blow of the Spirit
  • The laughing in the Spirit

In the same way we have refused that freedom of morals that does not show the difference between "the saved" and "the unbeliever": we are for sobriety.

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