At the end of the school year at our Bible School, we listen to our children recite the Lord's Prayer.

We would like to thank the Lord and all those who collaborated for the success of this project.
Have a good school year!

Thank you Lord for the children you have given us.
Thank you to those who were willing and collaborated in the realisation of this project.

"wherefore the Lord reward thee good for that thou hast done unto me this day." (1 Samuel 24:19).

Why do we go to church and do all the things we've been taught?
Because we know that those who taught us are trustworthy.
Indeed, the Scriptures teach, convince, correct and instruct us for our salvation.
And our children want to remember that as we begin this new year.

Our future is based on our present.
In wishing us a Happy New Year, our children remind us of who we are.
Find out how...

Here is a new section for the little ones: "Children's questions". We are waiting for you to discover the answers of the Bible together!


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